Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentines Day

Oh… Its valentines day. Happy valentines day… I cheered my neighbour friend next door. All dressed in Red, instructed all at home to dress in red, I stepped out beaming with pride looking around if anybody else is in red attire – atleast some shades of red somewhere visible on people – only to find out it’s there only on the company badge tag on few while others did dress to kill. Never mind. I thought. As the day unfolded, I got to know what others are doing for Valentines Day. A couple who are married for quite some time took out time from the hectic schedule to meet up for lunch. Even that came as a surprise to the husband when wife promptly lands at office just 2 minutes before the lunch time and tells him, “hey, lets go out for lunch. I’m here to pick you up”. This surely is one facet of love. Best of it all, wife also goes extra mile to change her hairstyle to look new – just to see that spark in the husband’s eye. I remembered, Pramoda saying “unconditional interest in someone is love”

Another friend couple waited till 12 midnight to cut cake and celebrate the Valentines Day with each other. What is commendable here is amidst the hectic schedule, both of them took time to go out of their way to buy the cake and gift to each other – on a weekday. For people who are working like zombies, that’s a big deal. Its then Neeru came to my mind. “Love is about sharing and giving. It’s about commitment and above all its all about being happy”.

It was lunch hour when I had two good friends coming to my desk to remind me that we had to make a trip to the cafetaria. Valentines day was “nothing” for one, while the other just smiled about the thought of it. “It is companionship, support and trust. It is standing together as 2 pillars and being the foundation of a life despite each other’s shortcomings” so feels Anu. These two friends have realised this thought quite evidently. They celebrate love everyday. Its not the occasion, but the situation for them that is required to express love.

I went on – exploring what love means to all these wonderful people whom I cal my friends. A great friend, another typical scorpion Mini Me (that’s how I cal her), tells me she can write an essay on love. She surely can, ‘cause only she knows to give love. Be it to her husband or to her son or to her near and dear ones or to her friends. Another friend Srini, who is rocking without any strings attached, feels love is all about sense of happiness and care. What a profound thought.

Still single and ready to mingle Deeps is so emotional about the concept of love. She feels “love is not an emotion but the existence. It’s the greatest power in the creation.”. Love, certainly is the most powerful feeling that is created – very similar to the democracy. Very rarely used.

How can I miss Supreme Consciousness to quote on love, who very aptly feels, a book has to be written when asked to define it. I’m surprised, our SC knows what love means, I sighed. I think nobody knows “that which doesn’t concern itself with definition is love” came this message from the far aamchi mumbai Meens.

Its been quite sometime, the smartest one of all, Archana is in love. Who better to define love than her. Without a second thought, she tells me “love is the feeling of belonging somewhere or to someone. It could be a person, city or anything under the sun”. Though it took a while to digest this heavy thought on love, it does make a lot of sense to me. I don’t think if anybody else is in love with Bangalore like I am. J

I headed back home after a really hard day’s work. While I ventured out all set to paint the town red, all that I learnt was love is in the eyes of beheld. A CEO in the making Anil is quite categorical when it comes to love. He says, “Love is different at different times. What might be definition when you are 25 and dating is different than when you are 34”. Thank god, I’m not 34 and love is all in the air. I have to just feel it. To put it even more symbolically, my valentine gifted me a bottle of perfume – thus the Valentine day ended with search for a definition for love.

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meenakshi said...

hey, Pushshshshsh ....y cat! this is amazing! got know of another facet of wonderful u. btw, its a nice read n gives an insight into many other women's minds abt LOVE!
HOpe to see more of u here!
yrs mini me( i just loved it). Thanks