Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Mail from Cupid !

Dear Tapas,

Before I start pouring over you my sorry fate, please help your eyeballs through these messages:-

Conversation-1 :

Loving the "body".

"Oh my love ,I love your hair so much.Just give me some time and I am sure, by the end of the year I will reach your heart.Till then-I am so in love with your hair."
"Honey,I know.But make it quick coz there's someone else who loves my eyes and he is moving really fast.And by the way your six packs have reduced to four,that guy is trying for 8-packs !!! "


Loving the "brain".

"I love my boyfriend so much.Do you know ,he is an IITian !"
"Hah ! Mine is in Philadelphia doing some research ."
"Oh ! You are so lucky.Your love is "better" than me."


Loving the "style"

"Cool man ! Your gurl's so cool.At least she knows the rite way to sit on the bike.Meri waali feels so embarrassed!She sits at least 10 inches back.Sometimes I forget if someone is on the seat or not.Ask ur girl to give her some lessons,may be on her scooty. "

No offense meant but this is what I found out .Love has turned into more of a status tag rather than a feeling.Every one has taken the matter into their hands.The only use that I have figured out for my arrows is to scratch my back,but drat !they are so soft that it takes almost 5 minutes to kill that damn scratch of mine.Last time when I logged into Amazon,I found one of my arrows being auctioned. I didn't bid coz they looked so old and unused.(I had logged in to buy some new fluffies for my wings.The pollution and dust have made them so dirty .I thought it would be cheaper for me than getting it couriered from heaven.)

Now tell me .What am I supposed to do?Now sorry for whatever I did to you.Take it easy,Ok?Just help me get through this dry patch.

First they kicked me out of U.S.,then U.K. and now you guys are throwing me out.I tried moving Down-under and visited Australia but my heart didn't like the place specially after the reactions that a guy named Symonds gave to me...uunh! He was such a Monkey !

I tried going hi-tech and hovered for some time over the I.T.Parks of Bangalore.But before I could work some magic I saw the mobiles beep and love blip-blopped like anything.These SMSs are so fast.I really like lighting the first flames of know,those serendipitous meetings and the "love at first sight"s are all part of my master plans.But damn these Yahoo and gmail.And I have taken the max beating from those social networking sites.
Networking my left foot !A few chats,few pics exchanged(some are morphed) and they say they are "made for each other".

I think my time is over in India.Or may be I will join these Khaki-shorts waala chaps.They are nice chums.They care so much for me.They know what true love means.Last time I conversed them,they were planning to ransack some cyber-cafe`s.I will manage with their hollering and morning oath taking ceremonies.Or I will report back to God and ask Him to give me some other department.If you have any suggestions then reply.
For your convenience I have opened some email accounts and an Orkut account too.
you will surely find the IDs familiar.;
Orkut-I prick wid ARROWS !

Sorry,I pricked you a bit harder.
Your friend


PS: Please try replying before 14th of this month.


Anupama Kondayya said...

Poor little Cupid! Pretty sad that he should get the pink slip...a very different post in the league this month I should say...thanks for that :)

d SINNER!!! said...

awesome thot which has been beautifully expressed....

i feel sad for cupid...:(

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

You still don't believe me ! I met him the other day,he was booked for high speed "flying" without a proper license ! Kidding (Obviously!)

@d sinner
Don't feel sad ,that wretched Cupid -HE WILL BE BACK!

Artster said...

Interesting perspective!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

awesome read
u have given cupid an enitely new perspective:)

nice read
something really different and ture ,totally agreed with cupid as love is nowadays Status
poor cupid!!


"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

Thanx Jiggs...