Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love...all around!!!

Kya yaar !!! Every time someone asks someone to write about love then all that someone gets is words full of pain,desperation,rejection dejection,complication,suffocation and yes (How can I miss that word !) frustration.Love is not that bad ,is it?


"...I.G.Park(Bhubaneswar) or Indira Gandhi park named after Indira Gandhi (of-course !).Its a green park (Idiot ! Parks are always green !)...Ok.Its a good park (Better !) and its said that Indira Gandhi gave her last speech right here.

Enough with the history.Lets quickly move on to Sociology part.Now you won't be surprised at all if I say that over the years this park has slowly metamorphosed into a sprawling nestling of some sort for the love-birds(educated college going love-birds !).And over the years the number of Uncle-Aunty-Chunnu-Munnu pariwaars visiting the park has greatly reduced coz Uncle doesn't want Chunnu to practise his curiosity near the bushes.
The last time he tried ,he gave a shout of Eureka and claimed that he had discovered Doodhwaale Bhaiyaa and Kaanta Baai playing hide and seek behind a shrubbery.Uncle was embarrassed.

Few intellectuals and poets tried encroaching the coves of these love birds.Armed with paper and pen and heavy thoughts they helped themselves on the benches and this act of arrogance forced the love-birds to seek shelter near the bushes and behind the dustbins.

Valentine Day is knocking on the back door (Everyone in my city celebrates Valentine in a Clandestine manner !!! SO backdoor.)And florists are busy tying up bouquets,the bakeries are rustling with orders(someone told me that they are so filled with heart shaped cakes that even the birthday kids are managing by cutting heart-shaped cakes with I L U candles over them.) The boys have already started gelling there hair up and the girls are making a bee-line in front of beauty parlours-places that sell self-esteem.The movie theaters are booked ,corner seats special demand.
(They just hope every seat was a corner seat.But sorry,even Euclid can't design such a theater.)

Uncle-Aunties have started hiring raju-pappu ,kids from the neighborhood ,to spy for them.They will get 10 rupyah for every correct information and a free ticket to the "Where were you?Its so late ." show starring Uncle and his naujawaan ladka.

SO we were in the park rite?As the Cupid is brushing his fur and sharpening his arrow the Khaki shorts waale bhaiyaas are sharpening there tongues and are busy collecting stones to huck them at the gift shops.
But no one can disturb them in a park.Coz that's a place where the birds flock together.With Gajju hawildaar doing his beats with his trusted laathi,no one can touch them.Coz he has a soft corner for them.(His story,next time)

The bronze statuette of Indira Gandhi stares over them and they bare there secrets infront of each other.As the sun slowly dips behind the tall buildings, the parking lot fills with the clamour of bikes fighting for space.Its a rush to get to the loneliest corner and the farthest bench and the lucky ones who get there become the objects of jealousy for the rest of the evening.

The whispers,the giggles,the laughters,the snuggles...ahhahhahhaaa ! The impatiently waiting boy,doing a to and fro ;the girl with a sweet anger on her face,checking her watch every minute;the hopeful auto-wallahs waiting for the boy to see her off and vroom into the city so that they could wheel her to her house/hostel with double the charges !Everyone's happy.The chaat waallah,the ice-cream wallah,the phone booth wallah,and a silly blogger...Happy!
(Cut it short ! Its getting too long! Don't test the reader's patience)
So as the evening slowly totters into the darkness, our love-birds spread their wings and return to their "real" nests.A painful last look exchanged,a promise to meet again the next day,assurance for the late night call and then bbye !!!


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