Thursday, February 7, 2008

And we talked...

Last hours of the midnight strolled by as I watched my mobile carelessly fiddling with the screensaver.The deftness of my thoughts made me walk through the strange avenues where I hadn't even tried toddling.Different thoughts,few lines from some half read story,few stolen emotions from the past ,all mixed up ,trying to go candid on the paper.The husky voice of Bryan Adams flooding every part of my ear.
Suddenly, everything came to a screeching halt,the mobile buzzed.A name flashed on its screen and it restlessly pleaded me to help it kill its tremble.Something else was restless somewhere,deep inside my heart.

The name I never thought would appear on the screen.
"Should I pick up the phone?What will she say?Or should I let the ring die after a while?".A thousand questions stumbled upon each other but my hands went for the phone and with a strange arrogance and authority they pushed the "receive" button.

"Hello",she said."How are you?".
Don't know what made me blabber out like a mad boy,"Ahaaa ! Madam,You gettin time after so many days?.So what made you call now?",a childish complain in my tone and she laughed.
What was happening to me?I was supposed to cry,I was supposed to feel my heart tear apart.How could I be so normal?Wasn't she the one who gave me all the pain?

The figments of a forsaken dream appeared like dead leaves in spring but I ignored them,I let them disappear.Some pages turned by themselves,but strangely looked new to me.I didn't remember the lines anymore.I brushed aside the past and tried to convince the present that I was there with it.

And we talked,talked like old days.She hung up after her familiar "bubye".
My eyes felt the mist...not much they could do,just were able to gather up a single drop of tear.I was strong.I am stronger.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

a lot of us cn relate to this post, I m sure. This silent love.... ahh
Good post!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


well it pains a lot at the beginin but wth time it goes the pain is forgotten but yes the thought of that pain stil reamins

awesome post

Sundar Rajan G S said...

Hey.. Nice post!! Keep up the good work!!

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

Thank you .Yup it hurts when the past enters without knocking on the door.


I like this name of yours yaar -"Jiggs".Thanx.

Thank u Sundar.

Texter said...

aah u pinned down the exact thoughts(may b more) when the phone rings when that special one who has left calls!
it's always very confusing to pick or not to.....but then eventually u end up taking...coz he/she was special...n wud always remain special in life!!!
and the pain wud always remain...initially taking ur time pass....into a sweet memory!

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

Yup.Very true.