Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Moving on...

Anand is typing away the code to glory, the deadline for code delivery is not over for another 3 hours. He thinks that in another 45 minutes he shall be done.

After patting himself on the back for beating the deadline, it is time to relax and maybe chat a while with friends. In the last couple of years, his online presence has taken over the remaining social life he had. However, Anand didn't mind it, for work drove him and he avoided attempts to indulge in deep friendships or relationships for the fear of goodbyes.
He opens the browser and visits Orkut, its blocked on the company internet, but then a good geek always knows his way around that. On the Orkut homepage, he browses through the recent visitors section and pauses.
Almost immediately, he feels uneasy and has an urge to move away into a shell of his own.
A moment later, he starts thinking of how irrelevant his existance and feelings had been to her.
It was an unrequited love of his engineering days, which he beleived had died with time. Although he did think of her at times, he still liked to believe that he had moved on.
It was the first day at college when he had noticed this simple looking cherubic girl scared enough to be away from home. Luck had it, she was also in the same branch of engineering, they hit off very well as friends. Anand then didn't realise that this friendhip turned to love soon. However, she had amazing instincts and could detect the change, vary of the future she distanced herself from him.
Anand remembered the day he finally professed his feelings to her,'I know that you have an idea about how I feel about you, but I need to tell it to you that I love you, else I shall regret it forever...' As expected, the reply was not affirmative.
Life has moved on, job happened and success arrived. Today he can see that she had visited his profile on Orkut yesterday. She remembered him...but then she is already married and has a kid now.
Anand couldn't stop asking himself What if things were different, what if she would have loved him the same way he had loved her...what if!
This chain of thought broke up when an Instant Messenger window popped up suddenly, with his boss reminding him of the status meeting. Yes life has moved on, but perhaps he couldn't and maybe never will.


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

amazing blend of true emotions and technical words
it symbolises a lot of our lives these days with the so called networking sites taking over ur life.
nice read!!


d SINNER!!! said...

covers almost every area of 'the realistic world and love'...

diligent work!

RADhika said...

Superb piece of emotions and practicability...