Thursday, February 28, 2008

Love Actually

Is it too late to write about love?

28th Feb. Time to move on. As The Valentine Month comes to a chocking end, let us see what love has in store for us?

The laws of the universe (and Yash Chopra) dictate that there is one soulmate for everyone. Someone, somewhere is made for you.

And there starts the chaos. A simple look at the male:female sex ratio, and the magic gets lost in the logic!

Here to look at the interlock and de-code the ultimate Yash Chopra code (which coincidently made him a millionaire, not a bad myth haan!?!)

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.

Aha, wait! Not so simple. Start attaching live variables to this simple axiom, and you know the real magic behind the scenes...


Boy A loves Girl A. Girl A loves Boy B. Boy B loves Girl C. Girl C loves Boy D. and so on and so forth.

Other variations to the axiom: The famous love triangle. When superimposed, these triangels integrate, with many common nodes, forming a complex pyramid-like structure. All of us burried souls in the dead-weight of such mind-boggling confusion.

Then why does a spider fall into its own web? Trapped, silly-looking... All set to die. Why does it kill itself, commit a romantic-suicide? Not once, not twice... But time and again, till the time it's so-called attractiveness quotient dies in the romance-market, or it's hormones give away and are unable to respond to the needs of the opposite sex?

No idea. It's something like bungee-jumping. You just love the thrill. The thought. The concept... The wonderful 'feeling' of falling-in-love. Though, you know that the ropes have severed in the past... Only to let you loose in the dark abyss of solitude and tears.

Nah. But there you are... Ready to jump again. Shahrukh features in his 400th romantic flick at the age of fourty... And you're all set to whistle the love song, set it as your caller tune.

From tujhe dekha to, to aankhon mein teri... From Kajol to Deepika... The romantic love stories are the same. But what happens when the movie ends? The popcorn's over. The theater is empty, dark, ravaged and stinking.

You make promises to yourself.

And you break them. Only to get set for a new show. With a new audience. A new hero, a new heroine.

I'm ready to fall in love. All over again. Hopefully, this time - I'll soar. And fly. Nevertheless, I'll take this chance. And even if someone cuts my rope, strangles my belief - I know it's worth dying for!

Isn't Yash Chopra smiling?

- A NoMAD.