Thursday, February 21, 2008


"I met him this Valentine.I remember:-

...they feasted on his humiliation as he watched her walk away.It was a proposal , a fair proposal and she refused .
They laughed and forsaken he cried inside.The carcass of his love laid still somewhere inside his heart as he tried dragging it to some corner where he could watch it rot and decompose.That would give him a scar, never to forget and ignore,that would help him stop repeating the mistake.
The flowers were silent,there cries smothered by the indecent clamoring.The stare to the sky, eyes cold as stone.There were pleads but also complaints in those eyes.He felt as if the sun would burn him to ashes,a strange burning sensation he felt clinging to his cheek and ears.The breathes turned shorter and the heart-beats sounded like thumps from some distant place. A long beep pierced his ears,from some unknown source,may be from within.He could feel his limbs move in their sockets,he could hear the leaves crumble beneath his feet,every sound was so clear but a strange numbness enshrouded him.The only day when he wanted to forget her...not ever to forgive her.

Every eye on him,his name on every lips;a misdemeanor for the world,an adventure for his friends,stupidity for her and a mistake for him.They tossed his love around like a cheap "thing" on the grape-vine.

That was the last day when he had let the world take over him.Everything has changed.

He is careless,laughs on himself,makes everyone laugh,has covered the scars with soot and cosmetics of his cynicism,has tore down the walls that had "Trust" written all over and has built a new one with "Hope" written on it,his tears are more deserving now.He bathes in sun ,plays in the rain,he wears the smoke and dust of the city ,walks are longer,the hum on his lips sound louder,the eyes- mischievous wanderers.He is "LIVING",he is breathing,he is fiZZing Inside...Just the fiZZ keeps him going."

The "he" is not me.For few minutes I put myself in "his" shoes and wrote this.
I love "him". :-)


Artster said...

Alternative lifestyles. Hmm.

Aditi Gupta said...

amazing words
reminds me of something i am doing
life moves on . no matter what ..
hope still remains


"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

@Thanx Artster.

@Aditi:Yup life wants you to mve with it.Sometimes it just drags you along with it, even if you want it to stay as it is.