Friday, February 1, 2008

This Valentine's Day!

As I wander through the gallery stores, I see the various gifts designed with the hearts. The cards, the teddy bears and the other materialistic things to show your affection to your love. Well, I believe you don't need to wait for the 14th February to show your devotion to that 'special' person in your life. But still, all those hearts in pink and red leave me depressed, because there was also someone in my life to who I would do anything. Just about anything!

And yes, I did. I let him go, for his own sake, partially. I let him go, because he wanted to, and then I realised it was more for my own well being. I never knew how was it to be alone on a Valentine's Day since I got to know what love or 'dating' is. And it wasn't so early in my life too. It was just about 2 years ago when I came to know what is it like to have someone by my side. Someone who'd be so loving!

Everyone has a right to be loved. Love other than the ardor of the relatives, no matter the race, age or family background. And I was being loved too. But it wasn't for long. He excused himself by saying, that things won't work out between us because of the major age difference we had. Anyway, looking at the red roses I feel someone could give them to me too. Someday, I tell myself. Someday, I will be one of those who have the special someone in their lives.

Now I feel so lonely. Though I have everyone, but still a part of me is still empty. And then, 14th February disturbs me even more because a day before that was the special day too, 13th February being his birthday. I wish I only wake up when these two days end. But to all those people who are lucky enough to have a Valentine, my advise to you, "Don't ever let go anyone who you adore, because love is hard to find." And to those people who think they are unlucky like me, I'd say, "Let love find us."


"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

hmmm...Loved the last line.Yes I agree...You can't choose love but its always the other way around.

d SINNER!!! said...

yea and i guess this way its better...

coz when we find love its usually imperfect, when love finds us it becomes perfect....

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

take your pick: would you be in a relationship that hurts you everyday or would you rather be single?

sometimes, being single is much better than getting hurt after every two seconds in the name of "love"

think about it. :-)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


hang in there love will find u someday :)

n for valentines day buy urself a few roses n gifts, that might help.

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

I agree to what "Jiggs" said.I m gonna buy a whole lot of roses,will pin em to my shirt,will stuff my mouth with cakes so that the cream and crisps stick out (conspicuosly;-)) and that'll make ll my friend's jealous...;-)
I'll show em I m happier than em !!!
After all,its "some" day yaar !Or tent urself in a CCD or Pizza Hut ,let urself turn green with jealousy and let ur heart rip in pain,come home and write down a post for the blog.Sahi na?
Cheeers !!!