Monday, March 31, 2008

Matter Of Heart.....

“A woman’s heart is full of secrets”, quips old Rose, in the movie Titanic. How I believe in this secret unfolded silently in the movie. Isn’t it true? Ask yourself women? I have always wondered how we all are capable of locking down our hearts with so many hidden feelings.

Our unsaid thoughts, our untouched cravings, and our undisclosed likings…….where do they lie? In our heart, the safest place in this world! Yes we have understanding and loving parents, yes we have darling and caring husband, yes we have lovely and innocent children, yes we have the sweetest grandchildren…..but yes we have desires untold too.

The secrets are too tiny and insignificant…but yes there are, and there are many. Some are everyday secrets, some rare once and some once in a lifetime kind of secrets! Only women will know what I am saying! These secrets are not harmful facts, selfish desires or scary temptations but they are sheer little sacrifices, strong wishes hidden because they maybe trifling for others or upsetting dissatisfaction.

A woman’s heart only cares for others, every single day that she barely lives for herself! Be it modern working careerist women or housewives…there is a same devoted heart deep down inside. So here is a greeting to the heart of a woman which is so vulnerable to others sadness and so strong to her own!


Anupama Kondayya said...

Very truly have highlighted the essence of being a woman...thank you for the post :)

ATAullah said...

very cool post .

know what it kinda drives me to think of all the sacrifices the mother makes . Stuff she does is sometimes never thought of by the other skin .

And most of the times you get used to what she does and almost all the time pretend that nothing has happened saying -she loves what she is doing .

you bring out the essence of living and the life 'you' wish to lead .
good one .

Aditi..............:) said...

Thanks........Glad we are women...isnt it?