Thursday, March 6, 2008

Now Your Woman...Now A Witch

She’s the daughter, mother, sister, the wife…’ they say

And isn’t she an erring human, too, pray?

As long as she’s sweet she’s a princess beyond compare

When reality gets her good side she’s but an ugly bear

Beware of women’ they say

And what brings all the bitter hurt, the hateful dismay?

The invisibility of love, practicality, or a voice as high as yours?

‘Equality’ they talk of, and offer warnings & barbs for cures!

All heart and no brain’ they say

And what’s not right in their childlike way?

Wrong to feel when everyone thinks?

To gaze aimlessly when the world’s short on time for blinks?

They’re only fooling around’ they say

And what’s wrong with harmless play?

Without a care you glance and flirt around…

But their platonic conversations call for fury & surround sound.

Superwoman, superhealer’ they say

But fail at it once, and there, you betray!

No room for second chances, no forgiveness, no ma’am

Can’t live up to expectations? ‘You’re all sham!’

We salute women’ they say

Condolences & praises for a whole long day!

Notwithstanding that she feels lucky to be one

Because being a woman blessed her with your heart that she once won.


d SINNER!!! said...


seems u've said it all...:)

thnx for such a beautiful write-up

vEENs said...


Thank You Neha for the link!!
Proud to be a women! :)

vEENs said...

Did my comment get posted?! Same BAD BX errors!

I hate this :(

Leave that!

The poem was awesome! Proud to be a women!
Thanks Neha for the link!