Friday, March 28, 2008


Rewind with Music.Try this.Just the other day I was listening to the song ‘Making love out of nothing at all’ and I flew into my past…when I used to chat with Amit. We used to chat on the mobile for hours together. The whole bunch of those sweet and sour days mingled in my mind. It was like I was watching a movie in which I and him played the lead roles and the song was the director. That song did wonders. It actually rewound a particular time in my life which I can relate to strongly with that song because I used to listen to that song a lot around that time!When I listen to the songs of Dil Toh Pagal Hai…..they take me back to my 10th standard year…..they take me back to those times when we all so called 10th standard grown ups used to watch this movie again and again…..the songs were by heart known to all of us!!The fun we all had at that time was flashed back into my senses.When ever I listen to the songs of Mukesh……I go back to the time when I and my brother were young and we used to travel a lot with our parents in our Maruti 800. My dad used to play these songs which I did not enjoy much back then…Me and my brother hardly listened actually…we were busy giggling and teasing and having fun. But now when those songs are played anywhere they automatically take to me to that period of my life. Its so wonderful! I don’t even have to close my eyes or anything… eyed yet not looking ahead…I am enjoying peeping in that time of my life without any efforts….!!Does it happen with you folks?? The songs lyrics may not even be relevant to your life or any situation particularly…..just the feel and the tune and the mood of the song gives your emotions a lift! Its absolute FUN…..:)

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A NoMAD said...

Yeah, very nice trail of thought.
Your mind does wander back time, to a particular place, or an incident... When you think about a song!

Cool post... :)