Thursday, March 20, 2008

She is Eighteen.

"...all crumbled she laid, on the holy bed,
shivers woke her up ,as her lips laid dead,
she found her angel walk, through the open door,
she saw the halo fade,as the nails marked the floor,

spatters of blood on the naked,bare sheet,
tears and confessions, I say,made it so complete,
the echoes of her screams,keeping her alive,
the puff of ecstasy she breathes-a placebo to survive?

the silence of her cries and few broken promises ,
the lingering smell of sanity in her hollow premises,
the so called rules to follow,the so called call of the society,
smothered complains,I say,the meaningless, so called dignity,

life?huh !
a razor blade and some pills,
some pictures and some stills,
a phone book and some friends,
sorry starts and the dead ends,

she is a girl,she is eighteen and turning,
she should play with the rain but she is already burning..."


Chaithanya Kamath said...

Phew!.....amazing piece of work!!

deepocean said...

Very nice.

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

Thanx Chaithanya.

Aneeket said...

lurrved the last the line... :)

xunz said...

Excellent!!! It reminds of the time when I was 18... teenage blues!

It's a beautiful piece of work!

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

Did you?Thanx.
I am not a girl.Tried to think and feel like one though.But,I know how tuff it is,I had my share of depressions...Thanx.

Malora Fernandes said...

Beautifully written.

Sowmya said...

Very thoughtful....
It is so important to tread carefully when you are young, when it is so easy to falter .... only to regret later...

Teenage is gone, but all of us, would be parents must be most cautious about lending these teenage kids a helping hand...

:)Take care

rebecca said...

wow! this was powerful! excellent and brilliant...bravo!