Saturday, March 8, 2008

Feminist | Resurrection. Reverberation

I am the voice of a woman,
The vital race for existence of human.
Behind the success of every man,

Lies my presence as a talisman!

I am born as a daughter,

Mostly caressed, like the clay by a potter,
Sometimes the victim of a man slaughter,
Life of a woman is an opera of falters!

I adolesce into a wanted dame,
Become an arm candy for all his fame,
Words of wisdom sound all lame,

The time was now to put my horses to tame!

I groom into a caring wife,

Give up everything to acclimatise with his life,

Lived by orders at the edge of a knife,

The glamors of a fairytale is no more rife!

I pregnate into the life of a mother,
Lactate my newborn genes to grow further,
The fairytale endings are here to smother,
Flair of effeminism is now trivial to bother!

I now senesce my presence into an old age home,
After his death, life became a hysterical syndrome,
Story of my life is no more an epitome,

In as much, my'self' has lost all it's chrome!

I now lay on a bed of roses,

My soul sails over the sea of life's dozes.

I am the lady on a flying dutchman,

Hear me out, I am the voice of a woman!


Sahefa said...

Wow this poem is SUPERB.
Do read my latest post and comment in.
I wanted to ask one that your real pic?

ShAkE Inc. said...

Impressive debut!!! Such smooth flow of thoughts is tough to come by :-)

d SINNER!!! said...


Artster said...

I`m sorry but I don`t understand it...maybe it`s just me - but are those nouns you converted into verbs?

I don`t mean to offend you, just trying to understand your style.

Anonymous said...

seems more like the birth of a new kind of poetic breed!

Chaithanya Kamath said...

Thanx a lot for all ur comments!!...this is my first post on a consortium blog such as this. Appreciate it :)