Tuesday, April 4, 2017

just not a dream!

I don’t know what’s happening to Politics around the world. But I do know a little bit about what’s happening in India and a little more in Karnataka – my homeland. Karnataka at the moment does not have a chief minister. For a common man, it is not at all making any difference. The life is just going on fine like it used to be earlier too. Though this leaves me with a question why to have one, because my inclination and knowledge is not at all towards “politics”, I don’t tend to debate on the brickbats of my own question.

All that I’m worried about is – a great place to live in. Not just for me – for everyone around me. I don’t want to see children begging near the traffic junction nor I want anyone living in slums. I want each and every woman here in this country to step out of home peacefully at any hour and get back home – safely. I want everyone to get a 3 square meals a day and a peaceful sleep, end of the day. I want everyone to get access to good hospitals when ill. I don’t want to see anyone doing any odd jobs, which I personally don’t want to do.

Just this little from our political leaders who have it all.