Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Sacrifice

The sky bore a purple haze.The dust forming a silt,a clot of blood and anonymity.The silence of the evening slowly descending with an apprehension ,it was not so silent that afternoon.
He looked at the sky,his back resting on the ground crawling with the dead and the half dead.
The evening sun gazed at the world beneath that looked even more red than its countenance,there was more fire on the battlefield than there was in its chest.
With shaking hands,he took the wallet out from his pocket;opened the flap.But closed his eyes;for the first time his unbroken courage surrendered .He couldn't look into those eyes that spoke to him every time he looked into them.

"God,I never wanted to, but you made me...I have no prayers.Give her the strength.She is all yours now..."

"Sorry for the promise,that I couldn't keep,
sorry for the nights,I know I won't let you sleep,
just don't look back,I will be there always,
but you will find some scars,biting my face,

I don't want to go,but He wants me to,
don't blame me dear,He has sinned too,
He tore the pages of my innocent prayers,
But don't you lose hope,He always cares,

This life was short and I lost it all,
I never gave up but it was the fate's call,
the truth has spoken,nothing there to confide,
but promise before I leave...we will meet on the other side."

A soldier never craves for sacrifice or a medal.We feel proud when we say that he sacrificed his life.But do we really know what really sacrificed?Is he the only one who sacrificed?Is he the only one?


ATAullah said...

shit ! All i ever thought was of the soldier closing his eyes but not of the eyes of the people in pain , close to him .

i loved the post . its like there a poet in every line you write . they just fall into place like they always belonged together .

Anupama Kondayya said...

Very ponderous...and well written. Thanks for the nice post!

ShReyA said...

hey !!thanks for commenting on my bl0g. u told u dont belong to the intelligentsia. :) ur right u r way beyond it.the poem is awesome. so simply so innocent yet so immensely deep and touching. u think about what people see but never bother to think or feel about it. i l0ved ur poem... thats all i coud say :) ke writing
god bless

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

Thanx.We always honour the sacrifices that we "see"...but there are a few that we need to "feel".
Thanx Anupama. :-)

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

Shreya !!! Thanx for that "thanx" but I think u posted it on a wrong address.I hope the flowers of appreciation (atleast!) are for me .Kidding !;-)