Tuesday, January 15, 2008

just not a dream!

I don’t know what’s happening to Politics around the world. But I do know little bit about what’s happening in India and a little more in Karnataka – my homeland. Karnataka at the moment does not have a chief minister. For a common man it is not at all making any difference. The life is just going on fine like it used to be earlier too. Though this leaves me with a question why to have one, because my inclination and knowledge is not at all towards “politics”, I don’t tend to debate on the brickbats of my own question.

All that I’m worried of is – a great place to live in. Not just for me – for everybody around me. I don’t want to see kids begging near the traffic junction nor I want anybody living in slums. I want each and every woman here in this country to step out of home peacefully at any hour and get back home – safely. I want each and everybody get 3 square meals a day and a peaceful sleep end of the day. I want each and everybody to get access to good hospitals when ill. I don’t want to see anybody doing any odd jobs, which I personally don’t want to do.

Just this little from our political leaders who have it all.



Artster said...

Well, that is every idealist's dream.

Honestly written.

d SINNER!!! said...

A utopian world....which we have turned into dystopia that can't be corrected only improved!!!!

Anupama Kondayya said...

Seriously...if ping-pong is all they can play when it comes to the government what with one chief minister today and a new one tomorrow, who needs a government? All that they do is squander the tax-payer's hard-earned money on untimely elections and such while the longstanding questions remain...I think Bangalore can sustain well even without a govt...the MNCs are getting all the revenue in and soon I guess their corporate social responsibility initiatives will take care of the infrastructural problems also...you have asked for very little...something that the politicians should provide as part of their duty...but if the dutiful was what we had, life would have been much easier around here...thanks a lot for the post :)