Monday, December 10, 2007

Soul On Sale

"And He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done"
Genesis 2:2

He should not have. He created humans on the sixth day to have dominion over land and sea and all the creatures there shall be. He created us in His own image. Did he forget to fill our hearts with the same mercy and compassion?

Today is World Human Rights Day. It is the day the Human Rights Charter was adopted by the United Nations. Have we ever wondered for whom? Certainly not for those mute birds and animals or immobile plants. Ironically and tragically enough, the Human Rights Charter has been adopted for humans.

Civic laws may be different everywhere but how one human being should treat another universal principle. All the religions have the same fundamentals. We are the descendants of Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Guru Nanak, Mohammed, Buddha and Mahaveer. Yet, we need to be told how our fellows must be treated. They died telling us to respect our women. Yet, men beat their wives in inebriated condition, over dowry matters and harass their children. We have failed our saints and their work and it is shameful to have a Human Rights Charter.

What are the factors that make us human? Our ability to think, to feel, to empathise...our soul, our conscience. We have the ability to be merciful, compassionate and kind. We alone have the ability to make this world a more beautiful place.

Instead, we choose to put our soul on sale. The price is measly. It is a trade-off between morals and money, sadism, greed, lust...The treatment of Prisoners of War (PoWs) by the American soldiers - sadism at its peak...The macabre manner in which innocent people are mauled in communal riots - a mockery of the Human Rights Charter. Does white skin give one the license to superiority and reckless animalic behaviour? Does our soul have colour too? What race does pure conscience belong to? What religion? After a certain point, we become immune to such questions. We go back to our origins, become animals. And then the world adopts a Human Rights Charter. It is tragic.

" You should build a better world," God said.
He questioned, "How?
The world is such a wondrous place
And so complicated now;
So small a man I am,
There's nothing I can do."
But God all wise and kind advised, "Just build a better you".

And then the world will be filled with more love than ever before. That will be the day we will be able to scrap the Human Rights Charter - a true celebration of humanity and human rights - for it is our right only to live together with love, harmony, brotherhood and tolerance. Till then, Happy Human Rights Day!

About the writer: Anupama Kondayya is a software consultant by profession. She is a writer by passion and has utter faith in the power of the spoken and written word. Her other interests include reading, singing and travelling.


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ShAkE Inc. said...

so true...kudos to you for bringing this up!

ppl forget, you know :-)

abhi said...

Well written in a short brief para ..... but 1 thing i would defiitely want to ask you people ... now even i want to peace ... every 1 want peace ... atoms .. molecules ... elements .... compunds .... man .. animal plants n so on in the universal system does not know peace ... they just have there eneery binded within themselves and so ... with wtever property each stuffs are reflected there respective energy level get released .... but WE ( HUMAN ) have a unique Physical and Chemical Property ( lolzz chemistry ;) ) ... and thats ABILITY TO THINK ... thats the only odd thing from the entire unversal worls ..... Now just as in Nuclear atom ... stability are achieved afeter some period of time .... similar way after some period of time HUMAN will also have PEACE within community ... may after hundreds hundreds n so on .... yrs ... but then PEACE ACHIEVED .. wts then left ..... man would stil want to explore beyond PEACE ..... so thens wt is there?????? okay let say SPIRITUAL ..... then after that ???? then is it like a REVERSE will take place .... THINK THINK THINK ( Dont have cold war with me now :D:D:D ;) .. just expresin my views :) :) ..... adios .. cheers ... :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

awesome post! eye opener.
I like these passionate posts!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i love this blog. Is it possible for me to be a part of it?

Aditi aka Jiggs said...

ur soo right
i do feel when god made us ,he forgot to instil compassion n kindness in us.
if just a havin superior brain makes us disrespect everything else then its a price too much paid for creatin us.
well written
loved ur post