Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Power Of 'We'

Not long ago, an experiment was conducted wherein thousands of people jumped at the same time. The impact generated, was measured through a seismograph. The human aggregate needed to know if they could cause a magnanimous entity like the Earth to wobble by the sheer power of numbers. Apparently, they tasted success and their united efforts resulted in tremors measurable by the seismograph.

‘Writers Blend’ is an experiment too. An honest endeavour to rope in enterprising and diversified writers under one umbrella. Can we all, by the sheer power of our voices, cause an everlasting sonic boom in blogspace? Can we make a difference? Sure we can. Never should anyone underestimate the power of wordplay.

A lot has been said about the power of the written word; If a well composed article makes its reader think and agitates his/her thoughts, then it’s a purpose well served. Capitalising on one’s deep thoughts and feelings is essential for penning a good write-up. This is precisely what we need here. The passion for affecting a cause. Squeezing out the turmoil within to bring about a change. Harbouring the perception that we can make a difference by writing about what we believe in.

‘Writers Blend’ can be categorised as a thematic blog. Month after month, the themes shall change to cover a wide variety of significant issues. Interested individuals are invited to articulate their thoughts on the particular theme. Different facets of the same theme will be encompassing the whole month, which will allow the theme to grow on the readers mind, notably in contrast to a normal e-zine.

This is India’s voice and We, the people of India, need to uphold her dignity at any cost. It’s a sincere request to all individuals to refrain from the usage of outright profanities and not to resort to verbal mudslinging at other bloggers, come what may. The usage of parliamentary language is advised here. Since the blog has just kicked off, we request you to add a few lines of introduction along with your post, professional / personal, as you want it to appear on the blog.

Currenly a select few are being invited to join Writers Blend. Going forward, individuals who are interested in joining this blog and putting their thoughts across on a theme can send an e-mail to We also request you to mention the sub topic under the theme of the month that you intend to cover.

All said and done. We, the people, are all set to speak out our mind and to sing the song of our heart. Let ours be the voice that rustles up the lifeless leaves. Let ours be the voice that creates ripples in calm waters. Let us all be the harbinger of the inevitable change waiting to unfold.

Blend your voice with ours and empower a cause. Welcome all, to Writers Blend.