Tuesday, December 4, 2007


When we think of this word, certain points emerge from our consideration. What spontaneously comes to my mind is 'Mercy killing'. Yeah, I'm for mercy killing. I somehow find these bunch of guys silly...the ones who are against euthanasia. I can't banish their perspective either but one thing's for sure...they'll have to accept the fact, eventually. People happen to be against Euthanasia, I don't know why. This comes out from my heart. It's true! Life is God's gift, we have no right to take it away but forget not, Euthanasia means 'Mercy killing', most likely the word 'killing' catches the eye and not 'mercy'.. I would have strongly been against it had people wanted to give up their lives because of family or monetary problems. This ain't for losers but for people suffering from incurable diseases. Imagine the pitiable state of a patient suffering everyday, every moment, crying in pain helplessly. He has no other option. He knows he's gonna die soon but then why being put through all these agonizing moments of torments when he has an option to die in peace.

But who would want to die? Imagine a young child weeping dolefully, holds his mamma's hand and says, "Mamma, I wanna live.. Mamma, I wanna live.. But I can't bear all the pain". The point is the mother knows that her child would never be able to live in peace with so much of suffering in store. At the same time, the child wants to see the world. Now don't you think it's a trivial situation?

One post in some community read, 'The origination of the word 'euthanasia' itself is shameful as it shows defeat of some medical science against some disease'. That seriously makes no sense because in today's world had it not been for medical sciences, our lives would have been in a jeopardy. Just because there hasn't been cure for certain diseases, you can't banish the medical sciences and hold them responsible for the origination of, 'Euthanasia'.

When some things aren't in our hands, we need to accept them the way they are. Dying in peace is better than struggling each and every moment!


art said...

I think this is a very controversial topic. You seem to have a strong stand on the situation. I am definitely undecided. I find the morality of the idea very complicated.

I definitely don't think the situation of the child is trivial. It's incredibly complex; it tears you apart to destroy a child's dream: Definitely not a trivial decision.

Think of when a man is extremely hungry (He has been starving for days); He'll eat the first edible thing he sees. He is blinded by his hunger. Body over mind.

I think it's a similar situation when one faces death. A decision is blinded by pain and so justifying it is very difficult.

Euthanasia therefore is neither ethical nor unethical. It is just uncategorized; because our understanding of the world is not yet deep enough to comprehend the incredible complexity of taking life.

Well written, a tad vehement, but it's a matter of opinion.

thinker-girl said...

this is a highly complicated subject. mercy killing is a vague generalisation of distinct cases. like art says, there are some things we cannot even begin to comprehend let alone judge. and science puts us in such painful dilemmas...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

A lot of people have mixed feelings about this issue including myself. I just cant help but wonder, what if my dad is in such a position... would i just let them go just like that? Would I not fight for their lives? Would i not blame myself for the rest of my life that I KILLED him?

Its very easy to say things in hypothetical sense but reality is way to difficult than that.

Aditi aka Jiggs said...

i am totally with u on it
i defend it head on, yes i agree its killing but its better to die without pain and on ur own terms than to dependent on others n machines for ur live

when i person know he;s gona die soon then why not live his his way n when the time comes die in his own way.

i support enthanasia and would defend it infront of anybody